How to maintain goldfish – a guide

Is the maintenance of goldfish complicated? When to change the water of the bowl? How much food to give … In this article I explain step by step what to do to have crystal clear water and healthy goldfish.

Maintaining a goldfish aquarium is not difficult, but requires regularity. There are two aspects to consider when talking about goldfish maintenance, the home aspect, jar or aquarium, and the regular maintenance needed for the fish. I will discuss these two scenarios and give you tips on proper maintenance following that your fish lives in a jar or in an aquarium.

Bowl Maintenance

A jar/bowl is really not an ideal place for your pet.  But if you have one then read on.

If you are reading this you already have a goldfish and a jar, I assume you have a standard jar with a single goldfish.

Give your goldfish food, granules is better, 2 to 3 times a day in small amounts. Begin by testing with 5 pellets, after 5 minutes there should be no residue at the bottom, if there are leftovers means that the dose is too big for the fish, decrease for the next times. Always remove unwashed pellets. The more your goldfish will eat, the more it will pollute its water with feces and the more you will have to make water changes.

When to change the Bowl water?

Change 1/3 of the water every 2 days. Once a week change the water completely and wash the jar and decorations with diluted bleach, rinse thoroughly and wipe with a clean cloth.

How to change the Bowl water?

For partial water change, use a small plastic glass to gently remove water from the surface. Fill the jar with water (leave water for 24 hours in an open container for evaporation of chlorine) at room temperature.  For the complete water change, place your goldfish in a container other than the time of cleaning. Pour 1/3 of the jar water into a bowl, for example, and use a small landing net to catch your fish and place it in the bowl. Yes, you have read correctly, in the water of his jar, because he is accustomed to it.
You can use a water conditioner to neutralize chlorine, but it is still essential to put fresh water back into the jar at room temperature.
Repeat this every week, be regular. If you forget to change the water for 3 days, do not panic, change 1/3 as expected the day before. If you forget to change the water for 4 days change the 3/4 of the water.

As you can see a jar is very constraining maintenance, not counting the smells that can be unpleasant from the droppings of your fish and the inevitable forgetfulness of water change. An aquarium maintenance is easier and less frequent. So you have everything to gain by using an aquarium equipped with a filter.

I have an aquarium with filter

Having an aquarium like a self cleaning one found here  simplifies certain things and greatly improves the quality of life of your goldfish. Be careful not to fall into the trap of very small aquariums (less than 50 liters), because in this case you will have the same maintenance to do as with a jar (see above). Even with the included filter always too small for goldfish, which are big polluters, simply because they are big fish. So you have an aquarium of over 50 liters with a filter and you want to know how to maintain it. Each week siphon 15% of the water from the aquarium and replace with water at room temperature.

Use a siphon with a bucket or an aquarium vacuum cleaner according to your preference. To fill your aquarium equip yourself with one or more plastic cans. Fill the container, leave it open, without a stopper for chlorine evaporation and bring it to room temperature. This water is then perfect to fill your aquarium. Never fill directly with tap water.

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